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Hero Sponsor - Mizuno
Frustrated with the quality of imported products, Rihachi Mizuno sought local Japanese factories who could manufacture products to higher specifications. The domestic made products were labelled under the family name, giving birth to the Mizuno brand.

Over 100 years on, still managed by the Mizuno family, the brand remains associated globally with quality, success and innovation in multiple sporting disciplines.

Run From The Hills are really excited to have Mizuno on board in 2015

Visit Mizuno for more information.

Endura - Sports Nutrition

Cramps? Need more energy? Better training? Better results? Check Endura out - most popular products include the Magnesium Rehydration, Optimizer (Recovery) and the Endura Gels.

Check Endura out for more info or Sport Recovery to purchase

Trail Run Magazine
Australiasia's only magazine entirely devoted to the dirty art of trail running - through forests, up mountains, across deserts ...as long as it's wild and dirty and tehre's scant hint of boring bitumen, they'll cover it.

Their website has loads of great coverage as well with trail guides and event info. Check it out here

The Mrs & Co.
"The Mrs wants to make you excited for the most important meal of the day, give you the fuel to be as awesome as you can be serving you wholesome, natural ingredients with no added nasties."

That's right we're buzzing to have this great local sponsor on board with prizes. Check their website out here

Sport Recovery
Sport Recovery is a discounted store selling the full range of Endura Products - Which help you Prepare, Perform and Recover from all Sporting Events.