Volunteers are an integral part of any event and at Big Hill Events we recognise your support and try to give back as much as we can. The reviews we get back from our events always praise the encouragement offered by our volunteers.  

Volunteers at events will play key roles including the following:

- Feed Zone staff - Zones, hand out drink bottles and food, offer support and cheer the riders on.
- Timing Staff - Help with a close knit team on event day by using our recording equipment.
- Course Marshals - Guide competitors around the course safely, while also providing information for the public not involved with the event.
- Bump in Bump out Staff - Help put the whole event together by assisting with the event village set up or course marking
- Sweep Riders - ride behind the last competitors making sure everyone is safe and collecting signage
- Lead Rider - Ride the course infront of the competitors to check signage is in place and the course is safe.

There are many other roles which are available - if you think you can help out then please let us know how.

 Please contact Big Hill Events Management if you can assist.